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Whack A Bone – A Fun App Students Can Use to Learn Anatomy

Whack A Bone is a fun Android game that students can play to learn about the human skeleton. The game features four levels through which students can progress. On each level students have to drag and drop bones into their proper places on a skeleton. After dragging and dropping the bones into place students then […]

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Anatomy 3D for Android – A Guide to the Human Skeleton

Anatomy 3D from Anatronica is a nice app for students studying anatomy and physiology. The app provides students with a 3D model that they can tap, rotate, zoom in on. Students can view the skeleton on its own or view the body with additional system layers. For example, students can turn on the muscle system […]

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3D Brain – Study the Brain on an Android Device

3D Brain is a free Android app that students can use to learn about the parts of the human brain. The app provides a three dimensional model of the human brain that students can rotate. To look at a specific part of the brain select it from the drop-down menu and it will be highlighted […]

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An Anatomy Reference Android App – Ray’s Anatomy Skeletal System

Ray’s Anatomy Skeletal System is a free Android app that could prove to be a helpful reference app for students. Ray’s Anatomy Skeletal System is basically an encyclopedia of the human skeleton. You can locate reference materials by selecting a specific bone or set of bones. There is a drawing and short description of each […]

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