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Three Android Apps That Help Students Search the Web

Students might forget their lunches, their gym shoes, and their homework assignments when they leave their houses in the morning, but they never forget their mobile phones. We can help students put those mobile devices to good use through the use of mobile search apps. Google Goggles is a free Android app that lets students […]

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The Field Trip App Adds Information to Your Field Trips

Field Trip is a new Android app from Google that could add new information to your field trips. The app uses your location (you have to enable location services on your phone) to alert you to interesting things near you. The app does rely heavily on business content, but hopefully they add more information from […]

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Find the Satellites Overhead with Satellite AR for Android

One of the most popular posts that I’ve written on Android 4 Schools was about using Google Sky to identify the stars and planets visible over your head. Satellite AR uses the same concept as Google Sky to help you identify the satellites that are over your head. Satellite AR is a free augmented reality […]

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Two Augmented Reality Apps To Use On Field Trips

Some of my favorite experiences in school happened on field trips. One of my favorite field trips was a tour of historical landmarks in Boston. On that trip we had fact sheets about each of the stops on our tour. Today’s students don’t have to carry fact sheets. Through their phones students can access more […]

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