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Math Slicer – A Fun Alternative to Math Flashcards

Math Slicer is an Android app (free and paid versions available) that presents a fun alternative to using flashcards to practice basic mathematics skills. In Math Slicer students are shown addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems that they have to answer by “slicing” the correct answer in half. The answer choices jump up on the screen […]

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Sector 33 Teaches Students About Air Traffic

Sector 33 is a free Android game from NASA. The purpose of the game is to play the role of an air traffic controller. As the air traffic controller you have to maintain spacing between planes as they approach the San Francisco airport. The game starts out slowly with two planes traveling as the same […]

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Pair Up – A Nice Android App for Pre-K Students

Pair Up is an Android app that is designed for children of Pre-K through Grade 2 age. Pair Up has three activity categories; Visual Perception, Quantitative Reasoning, and Associative Thinking. Each category has two activities for students to try. In Visual Perception the activities are Same Shape & Color and Complete a Square. Same Shape […]

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Play Oregon Trail American Settler on Your Android Tablet

Like many people of my generation I loved playing Oregon Trail on my elementary school’s Apple IIe. So when I discovered that an updated version of Oregon Trail is available to play on my Android tablet, I had to install it. Oregon Trail American Settler is an updated version of the classic Oregon Trail game. […]

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