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Sector 33 Teaches Students About Air Traffic

Sector 33 is a free Android game from NASA. The purpose of the game is to play the role of an air traffic controller. As the air traffic controller you have to maintain spacing between planes as they approach the San Francisco airport. The game starts out slowly with two planes traveling as the same […]

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50+ Fun and Educational Apps from Fun4Kids

Fun4Kids is a developer of educational Android apps for children that are three to seven years old. Fun4Kids offers more than fifty apps for learning basic mathematics, reading, and spelling. While browsing through the gallery of Fun4Kids apps you will also find some memory games and puzzle games. A couple of the Fun4Kids apps that […]

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Toddler Counting 123 Helps Children Learn to Count

Toddler Counting 123 is a simple app that children can use to practice counting objects on an Android phone or tablet. Toddler Counting 123 shows children a number of objects on screen and as the child touches each object the narrator counts aloud. The order in which a child touches the objects has no bearing […]

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Peter Pig’s Money Counter Helps Students Learn About Money

Peter Pig’s Money Counter is a fun free Android app from Visa. The purpose of the app is to help young students learn to recognize U.S. coins, recognize the values of U.S. coins, and add the values of U.S. coins. There are three levels in Peter Pig’s Money Counter and three games within each level. […]

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ABCya Launches Its First Android App… And It’s Good!

ABCya.com is a long-time supporter of my other blog, Free Technology for Teachers. ABCya produces educational games for pre-K and elementary school students to play online and on iOS devices. This month they jumped into Android app development with their first offering in the Google Play store. Math Bingo is an educational game designed for […]

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