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GeoGebra for Android

GeoGebra and GeoGebraTube have been available to use in your web browser for a while now. Recently, I discovered that GeoGebra is also available as an Android app. The free GeoGebra Android app allows you to graph and create models much like you can do on your computer. The free GeoGebra Android app also includes […]

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Math Duel – A Two Player Math Game for Android Tablets

Math Duel is an Android app that two players can use at the same time on the same Android tablet. The game features a split screen with two number pads facing in opposite directions. When the game starts each player is presented with a math problem to solve. The game have different levels, but each […]

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Peter Pig’s Money Counter Helps Students Learn About Money

Peter Pig’s Money Counter is a fun free Android app from Visa. The purpose of the app is to help young students learn to recognize U.S. coins, recognize the values of U.S. coins, and add the values of U.S. coins. There are three levels in Peter Pig’s Money Counter and three games within each level. […]

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IDEAL WebMath – A Calculator that Explains How to Solve Problems

There are plenty of calculator apps in Google Play, but IDEAL WebMath is different because it shows students how to solve a problem.  IDEAL WebMath can help students with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparing fractions, ratios, proportions, place values, and rounding. To use IDEAL WebMath students select the type of problem they need help solving. […]

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Math Mate – Practice Math Skills on Your Android Phone

Math Mate is a free game for testing your mathematics skills. The game has two modes; “practice” and “challenge.” The challenge mode times you and gives you a rank compared to other players. There are three levels for each mode; easy, medium, and hard. The easy level is mostly addition and subtraction. The medium level […]

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