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Try Freehand Mind Mapping With MindBoard Free

MindBoard Free is a nice mind mapping application for Android devices. The app allows you to create mind maps through freehand drawing and or by typing on the screen. All of the mind maps that you create in MindBoard Free can be saved to your Google Drive account. Once the mind map is in your […]

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Simple Mind – A Nice Mind Mapping App for Android

I’m a big fan of mind mapping or creating webs of ideas as a planning activity. Every presentation that I create begins as a mind map before I ever start making slides. Developing mind maps can also be a great way for students to wrap their minds around complex topics that have a lot of […]

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Mindomo – A Slick Mind Mapping Android App

Mindomo is a slick Android app for creating mind maps. Of all the mind mapping apps I’ve tried on an Android tablet, it is my favorite. The app provides a variety of themes and formats for creating your mind maps. Mindomo provides nine layouts for your mind maps including a web style, circular style, and […]

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