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Learn About Animals Through These Puzzle Apps for Android

There are plenty of simple jigsaw puzzle activities in the Google Play market, but most of them are just puzzles. This evening I played with two puzzle apps from Xidea Creator that offer a little bit more than just a puzzle. Ocean Puzzle and Animal Puzzle from Xidea Creator are simple jigsaw puzzles that contain […]

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Find the Satellites Overhead with Satellite AR for Android

One of the most popular posts that I’ve written on Android 4 Schools was about using Google Sky to identify the stars and planets visible over your head. Satellite AR uses the same concept as Google Sky to help you identify the satellites that are over your head. Satellite AR is a free augmented reality […]

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Use Physics Gizmo to Collect Physics Data

Thanks to Peter Vogel’s comment on my 93 Android Apps to Try This Summer post I learned about Physics Gizmo. Physics Gizmo is a free Android app developed by a science teacher for science teachers and students. The purpose of Physics Gizmo is to provide a tool that students can use to accurately record motion […]

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An Anatomy Reference Android App – Ray’s Anatomy Skeletal System

Ray’s Anatomy Skeletal System is a free Android app that could prove to be a helpful reference app for students. Ray’s Anatomy Skeletal System is basically an encyclopedia of the human skeleton. You can locate reference materials by selecting a specific bone or set of bones. There is a drawing and short description of each […]

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A Summer of Android – 93 Apps to Try This Summer

In my part of the world many school years won’t start again until the day after Labor Day. As I write this, Wolfram Alpha (get the Android app here) tells me that day is 93 days away. Therefore, I decided to select 93 apps that teachers may be interested in trying this summer. I divided […]

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