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Pearltrees for Android – Organize Your Bookmarks Into Webs

Pearltrees is a nice tool for visually organizing pictures, links, and videos that you find on the web. Pearltrees are webs of the links, images, and videos that you find and organize. You can arrange and re-arrange your webs in as many ways and as many times as you like. Pearltrees has been available on […]

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Simple Mind – A Nice Mind Mapping App for Android

I’m a big fan of mind mapping or creating webs of ideas as a planning activity. Every presentation that I create begins as a mind map before I ever start making slides. Developing mind maps can also be a great way for students to wrap their minds around complex topics that have a lot of […]

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Mind Map Memo – A Simple Mind Map App for Android

Mind Map Memo is a free Android app that I recently installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. This free app doesn’t do anything fancy like support embedded videos or audio files. It just provides a clean, simple interface for constructing webs or mind maps on your Android phone or tablet. To build a mind map […]

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