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Endless Numbers – A Fun Android App for Learning to Count and Add


endless numbers 1Endless Numbers is a fun Android app from the same developers that brought us Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader. Endless Numbers introduces children to counting and basic addition. The free version of the app begins with the number 1 and continues through number 5 (numbers up to 25 are available through an in-app purchase). The animations in Endless Numbers makes it an engaging app for young children to use to learn basic addition.

Endless Numbers shows children a number and reads the number to them. Before moving on to the next number students have to “catch” it and drag it into place. Addition is introduced after number 1 by requiring students to drag numbers into place to complete a simple addition problem. For example, when children are on the screen for number 3 they have to drag 2 and 1 into place to complete the equation to add up to 3.

endless numbers

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