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AndrOpen Office Puts Open Office on Your Android Device

Before I became a devoted Google Documents user, Open Office was my office suite of choice. I liked Open Office because of the wide range of file format types that it supported. In fact, I still have Open Office installed on a couple of computers for those times when I have a file sent to […]

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Learn Idioms With What’s the Idiom?

What’s the Idiom? is a free Android app that offers challenging word puzzles designed to help players practice identifying idioms. On each screen of the app players see a definition and or an example of an idiom used in context. The players then have to drag letters into place to correctly spell the idiom. What’s […]

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Words in a Pic – A Fun Word Game

Words in a Pic is a free Android app that puts a little different twist on word games. In Words in a Pic players are show a picture and a set of jumbled letters. Players have to create three words about the picture using the letters in the jumble. There are only three correct words […]

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GeoGebra for Android

GeoGebra and GeoGebraTube have been available to use in your web browser for a while now. Recently, I discovered that GeoGebra is also available as an Android app. The free GeoGebra Android app allows you to graph and create models much like you can do on your computer. The free GeoGebra Android app also includes […]

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Try Freehand Mind Mapping With MindBoard Free

MindBoard Free is a nice mind mapping application for Android devices. The app allows you to create mind maps through freehand drawing and or by typing on the screen. All of the mind maps that you create in MindBoard Free can be saved to your Google Drive account. Once the mind map is in your […]

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