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Currently, there are Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate banner advertisements on Android 4 Schools. Those banner advertisements may use cookies to track your interaction with the advertisements.

When writing about physical products such as a tablet or phone, Amazon Affiliate links may be used in that blog post. If a visitor clicks that link and makes a purchase, a small commission is paid to Richard Byrne but that does not affect the purchase price of a product.

Richard Byrne currently has or has had advertising relationships with the following companies although none of them are advertisers on Android 4 Schools:

ABCYA, Edublogs, Simple K12, Lesley University, Post Learn, Learn Boost, Ten Marks, Mastery Connect, Intel, Lenovo, Ed Tech Teacher.

Richard Byrne has an in-kind relationship with Common Craft to whom he has offered product development advice in exchange for access to premium subscription services.