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Help Kids Learn to Tell Time With This Excellent App

Interactive Telling Time is a beautiful Android app that will help children learn to read clocks. The app comes in a free version and a paid version. The free version is free of advertising and has two games. The paid version is also ad-free, but it has five games and a quiz. In both versions […]

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Create a Child-friendly Android Phone with Kytephone

Kytephone is a free Android app that turns your Android phone into a child-friendly smart phone. The app allows parents to create a child-only section on an Android phone. That child-only section without entering the correct password. Kytephone gives parents a record of which apps their children have used, calls made, pictures taken, and where […]

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Pair Up – A Nice Android App for Pre-K Students

Pair Up is an Android app that is designed for children of Pre-K through Grade 2 age. Pair Up has three activity categories; Visual Perception, Quantitative Reasoning, and Associative Thinking. Each category has two activities for students to try. In Visual Perception the activities are Same Shape & Color and Complete a Square. Same Shape […]

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Use Famigo to Create a Kids-only Section on Your Android Device

If your school is using Android devices and you’re looking for a way to keep young students from leaving the set of apps you’ve selected for them, Famigo Sandbox is an app that you should check out. Famigo Sandbox is an Android app that allows you to create a “kids-only” section on your Android phone or […]

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Handwriting Practice is as Easy as 123 ABC

123s ABCs is a free Android app for handwriting practice. The app allows students to practice drawing uppercase and lowercase letters by tracing the template on the screen. The 123 aspect of the app has templates for tracing letters. The app also has basic shape templates to trace. Students can practice on each template as […]

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