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The Phrasal Verbs Machine – Learn Phrasal Verbs on Your Android Tablet

The Phrasal Verbs Machine is a great app that I previously tested as an iPad app. Yesterday, I discovered that it is available as an Android app too. The Phrasal Verbs Machine, developed by Cambridge University, is a free app that aims to help ELL students learn the meanings of phrasal verbs. The Phrasal Verbs Machine […]

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Learn Idioms With What’s the Idiom?

What’s the Idiom? is a free Android app that offers challenging word puzzles designed to help players practice identifying idioms. On each screen of the app players see a definition and or an example of an idiom used in context. The players then have to drag letters into place to correctly spell the idiom. What’s […]

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Word Bucket – A Vocabulary Practice App

Word Bucket is a free Android app for learning new vocabulary words in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and Russian. The app provides a series of progressively more difficult quizzes and sortation activities for each of the languages. To use the app simply install it, select a user name (no email required), […]

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Listen & Speak – A Free Android App for Vocabulary Practice

Listen & Speak is a free Android app for learning and practicing the pronunciations words and phrases in English, Spanish, and French. With Listen & Speak installed on your Android phone or on your Android tablet you can hear the proper pronunciations of hundreds of words and phrases. After hearing a word or phrase read to you, […]

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Learn Nine Languages With the Busuu Android Apps

Next week I’m going to Lugano, Switzerland to work with teachers at the American School there. In preparation for my trip I installed the Learn German app from Busuu on my tablet and phone. Since my skills in speaking German are limited to a couple of phrases that an exchange student taught me a couple […]

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