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Help Kids Learn to Tell Time With This Excellent App

Interactive Telling Time is a beautiful Android app that will help children learn to read clocks. The app comes in a free version and a paid version. The free version is free of advertising and has two games. The paid version is also ad-free, but it has five games and a quiz. In both versions […]

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Toddler Counting 123 Helps Children Learn to Count

Toddler Counting 123 is a simple app that children can use to practice counting objects on an Android phone or tablet. Toddler Counting 123 shows children a number of objects on screen and as the child touches each object the narrator counts aloud. The order in which a child touches the objects has no bearing […]

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Learn to Read – An Android App That Helps Kids Learn to Read

Learn to Read is a nice Android app that does exactly what its name indicates. On Learn to Read students are shown a word like “cat,” shown a couple of sentences that use the word, and then have to select that word from a word bank. Students can have the words and sentences read to […]

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Use Play Safe to Create a Kids-Only Section on Your Android Device

Play Safe is a free Android app that you can use to create a kids-only section on your Android phone or Android tablet. Play Safe allows you to select apps that are on your device and put them into a locked section for kids. When the lock is activated kids can only use the apps […]

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Create a Child-friendly Android Phone with Kytephone

Kytephone is a free Android app that turns your Android phone into a child-friendly smart phone. The app allows parents to create a child-only section on an Android phone. That child-only section without entering the correct password. Kytephone gives parents a record of which apps their children have used, calls made, pictures taken, and where […]

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