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Spelling Monster – A Fun App for Practicing Spelling Words

Spelling Monster is an Android app (free and paid versions available) that students will enjoy using to practice spelling words. On Spelling Monster students can create their own lists of words or use lists shared with them (sharing only available in paid version). The app contains a half dozen games through which students can practice […]

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Endless Alphabet for Android Helps Students Learn and Spell New Words

Endless Alphabet is an app that has been popular with iPad users for a while. Recently, Endless Alphabet became available for Android users too. Endless Alphabet is designed to help children learn to spell and learn the definitions of new words. The app features a different word for each letter of the alphabet. Each word […]

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Word Bucket – A Vocabulary Practice App

Word Bucket is a free Android app for learning new vocabulary words in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and Russian. The app provides a series of progressively more difficult quizzes and sortation activities for each of the languages. To use the app simply install it, select a user name (no email required), […]

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Wordsplosion – A Fun Five Letter Word Game

Wordsplosion is a fun and challenging free word game to play on your Android device. The object of the game is to correctly guess and spell five letter words. Wordsplosion gives you the first letter and you have to figure out the rest. You have five chances to get each word. I found myself hooked […]

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SAT Word A Day – A Free Vocabulary App for Android

SAT Word A Day is a free Android app that delivers a new SAT vocabulary word to your mobile device on daily basis. You can tap the audio button to hear the word pronounced. A definition and a sample context sentence accompanies each word. SAT Word A Day doesn’t limit you to just one word […]

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